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By Lisanne Norman

The realm of Jalna had printed many secrets and techniques to the Sholan-Human groups despatched there on a rescue project. but the planetary conflicts had resulted in the injured Carrie and Kusac being put in cryo on a non-Sholan vessel, with Kaid desperately attempting to rush them again to Sholan scientific amenities. yet prior to they can succeed in their rendezvous aspect, the send they have been on was once stuck in a Valtegan seize, leaving Kaid simply enough time to ship Carrie's and Kusac's life-pods into area, within the wish that they'd be chanced on by means of pleasant forces. Kaid used to be yes he and his humans have been doomed, until eventually an incredible vessel all at once materialized, scooping up either Kaid's send and the Valtegan foe. Now them all have been prisoners of a very unknown humans. And simply time could inform no matter if they'd fallen into the clutches of an excellent extra lethal enemy than the Valtegans...

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Excerpt from Our Oriental Heritage by Will Durant; copyright 1935, © 1963 by Will Durant. By permission of Simon & Schuster, a Division of Gulf and Western Corporation. Excerpt from A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick; copyright © 1977 by Philip K. Dick. By permission of Doubleday and Company, Inc. Excerpt from ‘Gnosticism’ from The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, by Hans Jonas; Paul Edwards, Editor in Chief; copyright © 1967 by Macmillan, Inc. By permission of the publisher. Excerpts from ‘On Death and Its Relation to the Indestructibility of Our True Nature,’ from The Will to Live; Selected Writings of Arthur Schopenhauer, by Arthur Schopenhauer, edited by Richard Taylor; copyright © 1962 by Doubleday and Company, Inc.

But he could obviously see where she was leading him. ‘It takes –’ He paused, grinning. ’ Sherri said. ’ Sherri said. ‘They –’ Again Kevin hesitated. ‘They are their purpose. ’ ‘So an animal is an expression of purpose,’ Sherri said. ’ Kevin eyed her. ‘Eat shit,’ he said. In my opinion, Kevin’s cynical stance had done more to ratify Fat’s madness than any other single factor – any other, that is, than the original cause, whatever that might have been. Kevin had become the unintentional instrument of that original cause, a realization which had not escaped Fat.

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