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Killing time... Stargate Command is in quandary — too many groups wounded, too many useless. Tensions are working excessive and, with the strain to carry tangible effects by no means better, normal Hammond is pressured to name within the Pentagon strike staff to plug the holes.

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His face was quite handsome by human standards, but the full lips seemed to her to be held in a constant smirk. Yaqeel’s sensitive nose detected some sort of musky scent about him. She had learned that humans liked to adorn themselves with “perfume” or “cologne,” as it was called, apparently not trusting in their own natural scents to attract the opposite sex. Bothans had no such concerns. They all smelled unique and almost all smelled appealing. At least to other Bothans. She cast a glance at Barv and wondered what he thought of her scent.

You’ll feel better once you’re doing something,” Yaqeel said. Barv allowed that he himself always felt better when he was doing something. Usually that involved attacking bad guys. Yaqeel patted Jysella’s cheek. ” “No, it’s okay. You two have done enough. I—I don’t know what I would have done without you, honestly,” Jysella said, the words burbling out of her. “Mom and Dad have been so focused on Valin—and I mean, of course they should be focused on him. I am, too. Just—” “You don’t need to say it,” Yaqeel interrupted her gently, sensing, as Jysella now did, that if the human girl continued she’d lose what tenuous control she had.

But apparently not unobtrusively enough. ” came Javis Tyrr’s voice. Yaqeel froze her in tracks. Barv turned his massive head to regard the reporter. In his grunting, guttural language, he chided Tyrr for not covering the news impartially and for clearly harboring a bias. Such behavior, Barv said, was not becoming for a journalist, and Tyrr should know better. While the rebuke was mild, the Ramoan language always sounded as if the speaker were trying to take someone’s head off verbally, and Tyrr, clearly not understanding a word of it, recoiled ever so slightly.

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