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By Isabel George

Puppy squaddies tells the tale of 2 courageous younger ‘dog soldiers’ (Army bomb puppy handlers), killed in motion in Afghanistan with their canines via their aspect, during the inspirational phrases in their mothers.

Lance Corporal Kenneth Rowe and Lance Corporal Liam Tasker have been either puppy fans from boyhood and went directly to do the activity they'd continually desired to do. during the soldiers’ moms – Lyn Rowe and Jane Duffy – the ebook will take the reader on a trip and a party of the younger men’s lives that starts off with the 2 younger boys starting to be up and enjoyable their dream to serve Queen and state as military puppy handlers – Ken Rowe together with his puppy, Sasha, and Liam Tasker along with his dogs associate, Theo. either moms recognize that their sons signed as much as do the task they enjoyed top and fell with their unswerving and depended on ally beside them.

Jane Duffy stated of her son, Liam Tasker: ‘I understand my son died doing the activity he enjoyed. And he enjoyed that puppy as I enjoyed my son, with each ounce of his being. To lose Liam was once and nonetheless is insufferable. yet for Liam to have survived with no Theo? Unthinkable.’

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