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By Christine Ricci

Level 1: commencing to Read

• basic tales

• elevated vocabulary

• Longer sentences

Dora and her pals are going to a picnic at Play Park. what is going to all people bring?

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Then there are Twenty Squares,Tshau (“Robbers”), and the favorite game, Senet (see “Playing Senet”). Everyone has a Senet board—made of mud and reed for the poor, wood and faience for the better off, and of ebony, ivory, and gold for the rich. The Egyptians love music, and play instruments such as the lute, harp, lyre, and several types of flute and pipes. Those who can read are catered for by several books, papyrus scrolls with stories of travel, adventure, and mayhem. In the hands of the professional storytellers, tales entertain those who are unable to read.

And so hunters, fishers, and craftsmen are obliged to declare their income every year to the ruler of their district. Anyone failing to make a declaration or Below: Peasant conscripts perform their labor tax for the pharaoh during the annual Nile flood. Some are so proud to serve their god-king that they carve their names into the massive stone blocks. CHAPTER 2: GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY making a false statement is punishable by death. These personal taxes, called beku, are collected by the chief treasurer.

G 44 Man and wife A lifesize portrait statue of Ka-aper (2475 BCE), a chief priest, and a bust of his wife; from the pyramid of Userkaf, Saqara. There are no religious or state ceremonies involved in a wedding and—strangely for a society obsessed with recording every detail of life— marriages are not registered by scribes. This lays down what allowance the wife is to receive from her husband and what presents he will give his wife and future in-laws. In other societies it is customary for the bride’s father to give her future husband a “bride price,” or dowry, which is the husband’s to keep.

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