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By William T. Y'Blood, U.S. Air Force

Earlier than the Korean warfare, the first venture of Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyers a ways East Air Forces used to be air security of the japanese place of origin. lots of the airplane constituting Stratemeyers stock have been interceptors, no longer designed for the kind of strive against that may be required now that the U.S. used to be becoming a member of within the UN attempt to finish the conflict in Korea. The Joint Army/USAAF doctrine of 1946, often called box guide 31-35, Air floor Operations, used to be additionally thought of superseded within the current condition. a brand new method of warfighting needed to be constructed in accordance with the powerful impact of basic Douglas MacArthur and different of his air officials within the Army-dominated common Headquarters a long way East Command. shut air aid of the floor forces as supplied through 5th Air strength got here at a few fee, and tempers flared within the technique, however the air commanders in Korea by no means disadvantaged the floor commanders of shut air aid if it was once wanted. certainly, with no the shut air help supplied to the airmen, the floor crusade could were a way more bloody and hard affair than it used to be.

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This new operation was intended to repel the enemy to north of the 38th parallel. It was very successful, killing or wounding many enemy troops and destroying much of his materiel and equipment. By March 15, Seoul was retaken for the last time. Fighting remained fierce as the Communists retreated through mountainous terrain. This period saw a couple of innovations in CAS procedures. The Fifth Air Force was able for the first time in the war to pre-brief its F–80 and F–84 pilots to report to specific TACPs.

A hard-cover “scenario” was issued to the observers detailing the plans and maneuvers. Unfortunately, the ground attack failed; no prisoners were taken and the unit involved in the attack sustained 64 casualties. The press immediately described the experiment as having caused the needless loss of lives just for the benefit of a few high-ranking officers. A congressional investigation was satisfied with the Army’s explanation of what had been intended, but public opinion remained low for some time.

Thomas complained to General Everest, the Fifth Air Force leader, that his division had taken unnecessary casualties because of inadequate or late-arriving air support. Everest pointed out to Thomas that during September, five divisions of the X Corps, including his 1st Marine Division, had received 1,664 CAS sorties. Of these, the Marines had received 679, 40 percent of the total X Corps support. S. corps in the Eighth Army had received fewer sorties, 335 and 356 respectively, than Thomas’s Marine division had enjoyed.

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