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By Andrew Roberts

On 1 July 1916, after a five-day bombardment, eleven British and five French divisions introduced their long-awaited 'Big Push' on German positions on excessive floor above the Rivers Ancre and Somme at the Western entrance. a few flooring was once received, yet at a negative expense. In killing-grounds whose names are indelibly imprinted on 20th-century reminiscence, German machine-guns - manned through troops who had sat out the hurricane of shellfire in deep dugouts - inflicted negative losses at the British infantry.

The British Fourth military misplaced 57,470 casualties, the French 6th military suffered 1,590 casualties and the German second military 10,000. And this used to be however the prelude to 141 days of slaughter that might witness the deaths of among 750,000 and 1 million troops.

Andrew Roberts inspires the pity and the horror of the blackest day within the heritage of the British military - a summer's day-turned-hell-on-earth via sleek army expertise - within the phrases of casualties, survivors, and the bereaved.

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The solid-propellant rocket, with an HE warhead, weighs 143lbs. and is 7ft. 4ins. , and its speed is believed to be about Mach 2. , RA, providing close-range defence against aircraft attacking at low altitude—ideally, aircraft coming head-on at the operator. It can acquire targets flying away, but does not have the endurance of 'burn' for a long tail-chase. Guidance is by radio/optical tracking. The solid-propellant rocket 35 positions, against which it proved absolutely devastating. The operator wears the olive green rainproof suit, and the 1943 steel helmet.

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