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By L.M. Montgomery

Emily Starr used to be born with the will to jot down. As  an orphan dwelling on New Moon Farm, writing helped  her face the tricky, lonely instances. yet now all  her associates are going away to highschool in  nearby Shrewsbury, and her out of date, tyrannical  aunt Elizabeth will basically permit her cross if she promises  to cease writng! the entire similar, this is often the first  step in Emily's climb to good fortune. as soon as in town,  Emily's actions set the Shrewsbury gossips  buzzing. yet Emily and her acquaintances are convinced --  Ilse's a born actress, Teddy's set to be a great  artist, and roguish Perry has the makings of a brilliant  lawyer. whilst Emily has her poems released and  writes for the city newspaper, luck appears to be like on  its manner -- and with it the 1st whispers of  romance. Then Emily is on the market a superb opportunity,  and she needs to come to a decision if she desires to swap her  life endlessly.

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They are fascinating--but, after all, I like writing of beautiful things better. Only--these things have a tang beautiful things don't have some way. Those woods out there-how wonderful they are in their silver and shadow. The moonlight is doing strange things to the tombstones--it makes even the ugly ones beautiful. But it's terribly hot--it is smothering here--and those thunder-growls are coming nearer. I hope Ilse and I will get home before the storm breaks. Oh, Mr. Sampson, Mr. Sampson, God isn't an angry God--you don't know anything about Him if you say that--He's sorrowful, I'm sure, when we're foolish and wicked, but He doesn't fly into tantrums.

Kent. She held up her hands as if to ward off a blow and shrank back against Teddy. "Oh, you are cruel--cruel. You don't know what I've suffered--you don't know what ache is always at my heart. He is all I have-all. I have nothing else--not even a memory. You don't understand. " "If you let your jealousy ruin his life you will lose him," said Emily inexorably. She had always been afraid of Mrs. Kent. Now she was suddenly no longer afraid of her--she knew she would never be afraid of her again. "You hate everything he cares for--you hate his friends and his dog and his drawing.

And that little sneer at the Murrays! Emily could imagine the shrewish glint in Miss Potter's eye as she uttered it. As for the candles-"The Murrays can see farther by candle-light than you can by sunlight, Miss Potter," thought Emily disdainfully--or at least as disdainfully as it is possible to think when a river of perspiration is running down your back, and you have nothing to breathe but the aroma of old leather. "I suppose it's because of the expense that she won't send Emily to school any longer than this year," said Mrs.

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