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See also LYNCH, GRAYSTON; ROBERTSON, WILLIAM. Beerli, Colonel Stanley W. (unknown) Air Force colonel Stanley W. Beerli was the organizer/ commander of air operations during OPERATION ZAPATA— the 1961 invasion of Cuba at the BAY OF PIGS. , Beerli was brought on board in the planning phase of ZAPATA to organize the air-support arm of the invasion force. Beerli chose the World War II–era B-26 bomber. His reasoning was that countless B-26s had been sold as surplus to countries around the world; FIDEL CASTRO’s air force maintained six of them.

The effort, which gained wide public support around the world, was an enormous success. On May 12, 1949, the Soviets conceded and reopened the land routes. That same month, East and West Germany were established as separate republics. Berlin Tunnel Code-named OPERATION GOLD, the Berlin Tunnel (1953–56) was a CIA-MI6 underground communications-monitoring facility extending from just inside West Berlin to a point deep in the communist eastern sector. Constructed by CIA employees, the tunnel stretched across the East-West border to a point directly below Soviet and East German telephone cables.

It was later discovered that George Blake, a DOUBLE AGENT working for both MI6 and the KOMITET GOSUDARSTVENNOY BEZOPASNOSTI, or KGB (the Soviet state security and intelligence service), had revealed the operation to his Soviet employers. Interestingly, the KGB—unaware that the CIA had the capability to decipher the coded messages intercepted by MI6—did not inform the GLAVNOYE RAZVEDYVATELNOYE UPRAVLENIYE, or GRU (the Soviet military intelligence service). In April 1956, the Soviets invited journalists to inspect the facility.

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