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Introduction to Russia and Eurasia xxxiii Jakobson, Roman (1957). Paleosiberian Peoples and Languages. New Haven: HRAF Press. Katz, Zev, ed. (1975). Handbook ofMajor Soviet Nationalities. New York: Free Press. Kosven, M. , eds. (1960). Narody Kavkaza (The peoples of the Caucasus) Moscow: Akademii Nauk. Levin, M. , and L. P. Potapov, eds. (1964). The Peoples of Siberia. Translated by Stephen P. Dunn and Ethel Dunn. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Originally published in Russian in 1956. Mann, Thomas L.

Major projects are XXXv xxxvi Introduction to China Beijing, Jinan, Loyang, Shijiazhuang, and Tianjin-or industrial centers such as Shandong's Shengli oil fields and the coastal development zones. (3) Loess Plateau. Northwest of the plain is less land and the steppe region, covering the provinces of Shanxi, Shaanxi, and heavily industrialized eastern Gansu. One of the important centers of Chinese civilization in the past, the Loess Plateau remains overwhelmingly Han in ethnic composition. The heavy deposits of windblown less soils are fertile but fragile, prone to erosion, gullying, and landslides.

The emphases of some articles reflect the traditional interests of ethnography in the Soviet Union. Thus, there is often much detail about material culture (clothing, food, housing, tools, and weapons), language, and literature, and in this volume we have added subheadings as needed for these topics. At the same time, because they were relatively ignored by Soviet ethnographers, descriptions of the kinship system and sociopolitical organization of some groups described here are less complete than for cultures in other parts of the world.

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