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By Roy F. Baumeister, Aaron Beck

The query of evil, and the solutions. half 1 snapshot and truth: sufferers and perpetrators; the parable of natural evil. half 2 The 4 roots of evil: greed, lust, ambition - evil as a way to an finish; egotism and revenge; precise believers and idealists; can evil be enjoyable? the enjoyment of wounding. half three How they do it: crossing the road - how evil starts off; how evil grows and spreads; facing guilt; ambivalence and fellow tourists. half four end: why is there evil.

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He glared at her, motionless. It was a hostile, evil glare. What had at first struck her as a calm, middle-aged gentleman now appeared as a dangerous individual, Page 4 capable of unknown things. As she finished chewing her chip, he reached out and took another himself. Now she knew he was not just helping himself one time, as if to say she owed him a chip for sitting at his table. Now he was totally outside the bounds of normal etiquette between strangers. What sort of person was this? They finished the bag, not speaking a single word but intently taking turns drawing chips.

My approach has focused more narrowly on the minds of those who make the decisions to wage war and of those who follow. In many wars, the decision-makers make what they consider rational choices in moving toward or avoiding armed conflict. Their followerswho make the sacrificesare stirred by the highly charged, emotionalized beliefs, group empathy, and heroism that Baumeister describes (these positive merits fade in time when disillusionment replaces the illusions). The critical factor is their unlimited capacity to see the opposition as the Enemy, as all bad, and their own national state as righteous and all good.

Our best hope of avoiding that fate is to learn to understand and recognize these reactions, so that we may be able to recognize them as evil before we commit themthis book is devoted to that hope. I wish to thank the many people who have helped with this project, particularly by reading drafts and providing valuable advice and comments. These included John Darley, Richard Felson, Brad Bushman, Dianne Tice, Kristin Sommer, Donna Baumeister, and Julie Exline. ). Laura Page x Smart and Joe Boden worked with me on a journal manuscript that formed the basis for one of the chapters, and Lisa Macharoni provided considerable help in getting some of the scholarly chores done.

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