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By Irving H. Buchen

Executive Intelligence zeros in on management smarts and notes that during all lists compiled via management specialists, head hunters, and forums of administrators the only and in simple terms trait that looks in all is intelligence. noticeable? No, simply because usually management savvy usually trumps smarts. that's unlucky since it obscures the cultivation and improvement of the way leaders imagine, speculate, conceive, and challenge resolve their very own enterprises and how they lead. government intelligence like emotional intelligence acts like a complicated scout sizing up occasions, picking out mine fields, developing contingencies, constructing final minute methods out, after which performing just like the crafty dodger. within the strategy, the chief develops a distinct form of intelligence tied to and defining the type if chief she or he is; and that eventually generates the leader's side and comparative advantage.

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The other commitment leaders must make is that whenever that absolute is put in jeopardy everything must stop and be put on hold—nothing is to be decided or implemented without first communicating the dilemma to the entire workforce along with the rationale for the proposed solutions. Furthermore, the leader’s anticipation of this development must be immediately shared with the workforce so that there is no stampede, and time is given to understand the situation and weigh the options before them.

In short, the commentators preside over a nonstop seminar drawing upon disciplines and mega trends in excess of what most leaders have available to them, and dispense unsolicited wisdom of what they should know and do. 50 Chapter 7 ORGANIZATIONAL RECONFIGURATIONS In addition to lecturing leaders on the macro ways to plan for a tricky and difficult future, commentators also ask CEO s to assess what shape their companies are in for the long term, and how receptive they are to organizational change.

The world of work cannot change without altering the world of leadership as well. Congruence and convergence rule. The days of the lone ranger leader, manager, and worker are over. The reciprocal and collaborative team player may be less romantic and sexy but it has brought, to leadership especially, a new intelligence and a new agenda: • • • • • • Not to proclaim but to persuade Not to expect but to earn trust Not to promulgate a uni-directional but a collaborative culture Not to avoid but to welcome challenge Not to see the future as fixed but as pliable Not the same old, same old but reinventing new ways of learning, leading, and leveraging Whether all will be a passing fancy or not, only time and reciprocal leadership and intelligence will tell.

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