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By A. Dubois (auth.), Professor Dr. Hughes Baumel, Dr. Bernard Deixonne (eds.)

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Watanobe emphasizes the role as an irritant played by the intraductal calculi in the origin of this carcinoma. 34 B. Deixonne et al. Arguments for a Relationship. A test of an old inflammatory process can be deceptive, considering the duct and the acinar modifications. However, if we look at the indirect, nonpancreatic features on a parenchymatous level, the research may provide some interesting results. Thus, the intimal fibrosis of the vessels and the hyperplasia of Brunner's duodenal glands would be markers of age of the inflammatory lesions.

Cancer Res 35: 2246 15. Cubilla AL, Fitzgerald J (1979) Cancer of the pancreas. A suggested morphologic classification. Semin Oncol (1978) 6 (3): 285-297 16. Cubilla AL, Fitzgerald PJ, Fortner JG (1978) Pancreas cancer - duct cell adenocarcinoma: survival in relation to site, size, stage and type. J Surg Oncoll0: 465-482 17. Cubilla AL, Fortner J, Fitzgerald PJ (1978) Lymph node involvement in carcinoma of the head of the pancreas area. Cancer 41 : 880- 887 18. Cubilla AL, Fitzgerald PJ (1979) Classification of pancreatic cancer (non endocrine).

This classification differentiates between three developmental stages without distinguishing the nodal groups or the invasion of the adjacent tissues. On the other hand, Sato et al. [62] accord great prognostic importance to this latter invasion. These classifications are, except by their authors, less frequently used now, and the most well-known and clinically used references are the TNM, Hermreck's and Cubilla's classifications. 7. Staging of cancer of the pancreas according to Cancer of the Pancreas Task Force [101 T 1: T 2: No direct extension of the primary tumor beyond the pancreas Limited direct extension (to duodenum, bile ducts, or stomach) possibly still permitting tumor resection T 3: Further direct extension, incompatible with surgical resection T X: Direct extension not assessed or not recorded NO: Regional nodes not involved N 1: Regional nodes involved N X: Regional involvement not assessed or not recorded M 0: No distant metastases M 1: Distant metastatic involvement M X: Distant metastatic involvement not assessed or not recorded Stage /:T 1, T2, NO, M 0 No (or unknown) direct extension, or limited direct extension of tumor to adjacent viscera, with no (or unknown) regional node extension and absence of distant metastases.

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