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By Susanna Oroyan

Книга известнейшей американской художницы-кукольницы Сюзанны Ороян.
Идеи и технологии использования новых скульптурных пластиков.
Основу книги составляет последовательное описание процесса создания куклы, начиная с рекомендаций по работе над образом.
В двух центральных главах даются сведения по скульптуре головы и тела человека с одновременным рассмотрением технологии работы с различными полимерами, при этом особую ценность составляют уникальные методики по термообработке и времени запекания. Далее описывается окончательная отделка работ, в том числе покрытия воском, и основные способы изготовления проволочных каркасов, туловища, причёски, одежды, обуви и акссессуаров.

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Preparation: I cannot overstress the need for making the sculpture as clean and smooth as possible before curing. If you have done this and repaired any oven problems, your pieces are essentially ready to paint. Some artists do sand polymer clay pieces, but I have found that sanding roughs and dulls the surface unnecessarily. If surface problems remain after curing, you can try rubbing with a piece of lint-free cotton soaked in a bit of acetone or fingernail Dolish remover. This will re-melt the surface slightly and allow small blemishes to be smoothed out.

If you want wires for paperclay hands, they should be aluminum or non-rusting. Alternatively, for paperclays, a hole can be made for wiring before drying. FEET AND LEGS When we get to the sculpture of the feet and legs, we come to a design decision. Will the doll have bare feet? Shoes made to fit? Sculpted shoes? Bare feet: As with the faces and the hand sculpture, the foot has key points to remember. If the heel of the foot is placed against the chin, the tips of the toes will reach the hairline or top of the forehead.

Acknowledging the importance of body construction in their dollmaking, four artists provided sketches of the ways they have arrived at solutions to fit their individual concepts. Each follows the basic outline and proportion of the human body but, as you can see, there is infinite variation possible in the actual construction methods and materials. Sketch of armature wiring made by Carol Nordell. Notice how the wire for the spine curves in an anatomically correct fashion at the neck. Also notice that the major spine wire is straight.

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