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By Walter Lowrie, Søren Kierkegaard

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From the introduction
"Fear and Trembling is without doubt one of the best-known and influential works in nineteenth-and twentieth-century philosophic theology and literature ... The publication on Adler [is] one of many darkish jewels within the heritage of philosophic psychology. As an examiner of the lives of the brain, of the associative pulses of the mind's eye, Kierkegaard has in simple terms friends. His inquisition into Adler stands beside these descents into the deeps of the human psyche played via Dostoevsky and by means of Nietzsche."
-George Steiner

From the interior publication cover
SOREN KIERKEGAARD not just remodeled Protestant theology but additionally expected twentieth-century existentialism and supplied it with a lot of its motifs. worry and Trembling and The booklet on Adler -addressed to a basic viewers- have the imaginitive pleasure and extreme own allure of the best literature. in simple terms Plato and Nietzsche have matched Kierkegaard's skill to provide rules so compellingly vibrant and dramatic a form.
Translated by way of Waiter Lowrie

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