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The symmetry becomes primitive triclinic though the topochemical symmetry remains monoclinic. Upon heating complex changes occur in geometry and symmetry (Chapter 5). The situation for Na is very complex and depends strongly on the temperature. At high temperature Na acts like the larger ion K. At low temperature, the ordered framework of low albite is already topochemically triclinic, but the additional distortion from the Na cation results in an even greater deviation from monoclinic symmetry than would result from the AI, Si atoms.

7 nm. 7 nm and triclinic topochemical symmetry C I (Fig. 2-6). y c ! 72 nm ~ Fig. 2-6. Perspective drawings of the AISi 3 and Al 2 Si 2 types of perfect AI, Si order in a feldspar framework. The AI and Si atoms are shown respectively by open and filled circles on the tetrahedral nodes. The location of the nodes may be identified by comparison with Fig. 2-4 b. The linkages shown by the continuous lines correspond to part of the tessellation in Fig. 2-4b. The linkages shown by the dashed lines correspond to reflection in a mirror plane parallel to (010).

All feldspars have topologic symmetry C 2/m according to the new usage, but the topochemical symmetry is either C 2/m, C I or I 2/c for the various types of feldspars. The doubling of the c-repeat in celsian and anorthite, and the changes in the space group symmetry, make it necessary to use a code to specify the relation of atoms in the complex structures to their corresponding prototypes in the simplest structure - that of sanidine. The prototype was arbitrarily chosen as in Table 2-1. The code devised by Megaw (1956) adds four symbols in brackets after the label of the prototype.

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