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By Steven Roman (auth.)

This ebook offers the fundamental thought of fields, beginning roughly from the start. it really is appropriate for a graduate direction in box idea, or self reliant learn. The reader is anticipated to have taken an undergraduate direction in summary algebra, now not lots for the fabric it comprises yet with the intention to achieve a undeniable point of mathematical maturity.

For this re-creation, the writer has rewritten the textual content in line with his stories instructing from the 1st version. There are new workouts, a brand new bankruptcy on Galois conception from an historic viewpoint, and extra themes sprinkled during the textual content, together with an evidence of the basic Theorem of Algebra, a dialogue of casus irreducibilis, Berlekamp's set of rules for factoring polynomials over Zp and normal and accent irrationalities.

From the stories of the 1st edition:

The ebook is written in a transparent and explanatory style...the publication is usually recommended for a graduate direction in box idea in addition to for self sustaining study.

- T. Albu, Mathematical Reviews

...[the writer] does a great activity of stressing the major rules. This ebook aren't merely paintings good as a textbook for a starting graduate direction in box thought, but additionally for a scholar who needs to take a box idea path as self sustaining study.

- J.N.Mordeson, Zentralblatt

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Let ²%³ ~  b  % b Ä b  % . Prove that if  is a prime for which  “  for  € ,  \“  Á  \“  then ²%³ is irreducible. 21. Show that if a polynomial  ²%³ £  b % is self-reciprocal and irreducible, then deg² ³ must be even. Hint: check the value of  ²c³. 22. Suppose that  ²%³ ~ ²%³²%³  - ´%µ, where ²%³ and ²%³ are irreducible, and  ²%³ is self-reciprocal. Show that either a) ²%³ ~ 9 ²%³ and ²%³ ~ 9 ²%³ with  ~ f , or b) ²%³ ~ 9 ²%³ and ²%³ ~ c 9 ²%³ for some   - .

Let ¸ ¹ be a basis for 3 as a vector space over - . Then  ÁÃÁ ~   ÁÃÁ ,   for  ÁÃÁ ,  - and so ²% Á à Á % ³ ~  @  ÁÃÁ ,  A% Ä%  ÁÃÁ  ~ @   ÁÃÁ , % Ä% A   ÁÃÁ Hence, the independence of the  's implies that the polynomial   ÁÃÁ , % Ä%  ÁÃÁ in - ´% Á à Á % µ is the zero function on - . As we have remarked, this implies that  ÁÃÁ , ~  for all  Á à Á  and  . … Common Divisors and Greatest Common Divisors In defining the greatest common divisor of two polynomials, it is customary (in order to obtain uniqueness) to require that it be monic.

Also, since the usual degree formula deg² ³ ~ deg² ³ b deg²³ holds when 9 is an integral domain, we get an immediate upper bound on the number of roots of a polynomial. … 28 Field Theory Note that if 9 is not an integral domain then the preceding result fails. For example, in { , the four elements Á Á and are roots of the polynomial % c  . From this, we get the following fundamental fact concerning finite multiplicative subgroups of a field. 4 Let - i be the multiplicative group of all nonzero elements of a field - .

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