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By John C Chapin; United States. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division

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We were of three ridge lines (objectives 1, 2, and 3) that shielded the NKIA river crossing It was now painfully obvi- spread pretty thin, and it was nip and tuck on that ridge for several more hours. ous that a sharp change must be made. Accordingly, Newton's 1st Battalion relieved the battered 2d used another company on The original battle plan had called for an attack in a column of battalions, with each battalion taking successively one of the series on the hillsides at 1600 (17 August), with Company A replacing E, and B replacing D.

Head-on the North Korean 6th Division attack against the Masan position, and first stopped it and then hurled it back Task Force Kean also gained the time . . Division and the 83d Motorcycle Regiment—had never suffered a reverse worth mentioning since the outset of the invasion. Then the counterattack by the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade It was estimated that the Marine air-ground team killed and wounded 1,900 of the enemy while destroying nearly all the vehicles of an NKPA motorized battalion in addi- hurled the enemy back 26 miles in 4 days from the tion to infantry armament and equipment.

He asked the Marine what was wrong and the boy replied that he was scared. " Just then the enemy machine gunner got the range and was really kicking up the water and mud around them. Tobin turned to the runner and quickly added, "I see your point now. 2-inch mortars, and As 11 August drew to a close, Taplett, after nearly being shot by From the hills ahead and on either battalion artillery, the rest of the battalion cleaned the enemy off one hill after another in a hard side of the road all hell broke four-hour battle.

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