Download FM 21-76-1 SURVIVAL EVASION AND RECOVERY by United States Army PDF

By United States Army

FM 21-76-1
MCRP 3-02H
NWP 3-50.3
AFTTP(I) 3-2.26
JUNE 1999

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4) Clean and protect feet. (a) Change and wash socks (b) Wash, dry, and massage. (c) Check frequently for blisters and red areas. (d) Use adhesive tape/mole skin to prevent damage. b. Exercise daily. c. Prevent and control parasites. (1) Check body for lice, fleas, ticks, etc. (a) Check body regularly. (b) Pick off insects and eggs (DO NOT crush). (2) Wash clothing and use repellents. (3) Use smoke to fumigate clothing and equipment. 5. Rules for Avoiding Illness a. Purify all water obtained from natural sources by using iodine tablets, bleach, or boiling for 5 minutes.

V-18 Chapter VI PERSONAL PROTECTION 1. Priorities a. Evaluate available resources and situation, then accomplish individual tasks accordingly. b. First 24 hours in order of situational needs— (1) Construct survival shelter according to selection criteria. (2) Procure water. (3) Establish multiple survival signals. (4) Build Fire. c. Second 24 hours in order of situational needs— (1) Construct necessary tools and weapons. (2) Procure food. 2. Care and Use of Clothing a. Never discard clothing. b.

3. Plant Medicine a. Tannin. (1) Medical uses. Burns, diarrhea, dysentery, skin problems, and parasites. Tannin solution prevents infection and aids healing. (2) Sources. Found in the outer bark of all trees, acorns, banana plants, common plantain, strawberry leaves, and blackberry stems. (3) Preparation. (a) Place crushed outer bark, acorns, or leaves in water. (b) Leach out the tannin by soaking or boiling. •Increase tannin content by longer soaking time. •Replace depleted material with fresh bark/plants.

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