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Beginning ActionScript 3.0 photograph results discusses the fine details of graphical manipulation via code of all of the diverse components on hand in a Flash venture, from vectors to bitmaps to video clips, from lively textual content results to dynamic video filters. Flash eight brought an unlimited array of picture positive factors, comparable to combination modes and filters in addition to ActionScript's strong BitmapData item, and this booklet covers all these results of their CS4 shape, in addition to the graphical recommendations which are on hand, corresponding to the Pixel Bender Toolkit. It additionally info the various attainable results that may be accomplished and the linked useful purposes, with a spotlight on robust object-oriented programming methodologies to make the code extra modular and reusable throughout projects.

Gives precise details on the entire snapshot manipulation talents of Flash CS4
Covers advanced know-how, reminiscent of the Pixel Bender Toolkit
There isn't any different e-book love it, protecting a similar themes in as a lot intensity

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21 CHAPTER 1 For the other values, I pass the defaults so that I can set the sixth parameter, the style for the caps. Because I am drawing a dashed line where the dashes are square, the default rounded caps of lines look odd, so I set this to OMQ=NA instead. ]loOpuha*OMQ=NA%7 [_qnnajpOd]la*cn]lde_o*hejaCn]`eajpOpuha$Cn]`eajpPula*HEJA=N(£ _khkno(]hld]o(n]peko(i]pnet(Olna]`Iapdk`*NALA=P%7 Finally, I have the call to hejaCn]`eajpOpuha$%, which is exactly the same as a call to ^acejCn]`eajpBehh$%.

43 CHAPTER 1 Figure 1-18. The same path drawn with a winding rule of EVEN_ODD on the left and NON_ZERO on the right The `n]sL]pd$% method is most useful if you are optimizing performance and find bottlenecks in your drawing code, as it will generally render faster than calling multiple drawing commands. As you will find in the next tutorial, it is also useful, like `n]sCn]lde_o@]p]$% proved to be, in redrawing shapes that have been saved from previous drawing actions. d]jcejcLkejpoKj=L]pd*]o in this chapter’s files, and test the corresponding SWF to see the finished application, which is shown in Figure 1-19.

N]sNkqj`Na_p$ t6Jqi^an( u6Jqi^an( se`pd6Jqi^an( daecdp6Jqi^an( ahheloaSe`pd6Jqi^an( ahheloaDaecdp6Jqi^an %6rke` The `n]sNkqj`Na_p$% method draws a rectangle of the specified width and height with its top left corner at the specified t and u position. The corners of the rectangle are rounded as defined by the values for ahheloaSe`pd and ahheloaDaecdp. kilhat$%, which allows you to use a different radius on each corner of the rectangle. Its signature is similar to `n]sNkqj`Na_p$%, but instead of ahheloaSe`pd and ahheloaDaecdp, you pass in the values for four corner radii: top left, top right, bottom, bottom left, and bottom right.

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