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From the large 15-inch weapons carried via the Bismarck to the smallest laptop gun utilized by coastal forces, this accomplished encyclopedia covers each German artillery piece fixed afloat in the course of global battle II. All marks and adaptations of those guns are defined separately, together with their mountings and the ammunition fired, besides large tabular facts. The characteristic that makes this e-book designated, even though, is the diversity and element of the illustrations, together with close-up pictures, three-view drawings, and computer-generated full-color representations of the weapons from each attitude, making this the main whole reference on hand

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Breda has produced this weapon under license since 1969. The company has specialized in automatic loading mechanisms which are also used for their own designs, as can be seen on the 40 mm/70 OTOBreda page. The current-day Mark 3 version can be integrated with any analog or digital fire control system. This mounting is normally unmanned and controlled from the combat information center but can be locally controlled from an on-mount operator's console for aiming and will remain fully stabilized by the gun's local gyros.

Mount / Turret Data . Designation See notes, below. 57) Model 1948, Sea Trinity and Mark 3 Model 1948: Weight between 6,173 to 7,275 lbs. (2,800 to 3,300 kg) depending upon the version. Sea Trinity: 8,157 lbs. (3,700 kg) Weight Mark 3 Above deck (excluding ammunition): 7,700 lbs. (3,500 kg) Below deck: 770 lbs. (350 kg) Model 1948: -5 / +90 degrees Elevation Sea Trinity: -20 / +80 degrees Mark 3: -20 / +80 degrees Model 1948: N/A Rate of elevation Sea Trinity: 45 degrees per second Mark 3: 57 degrees per second Train 360 degrees Model 1948: N/A Rate of Train Sea Trinity: 85 degrees per second Mark 3: 92 degrees per second Gun Recoil N/A Notes: 1) Bofors 40 mm Sea Trinity was conceived as a lightweight CIWS with low magnetic signature and enclosed in a manned or unmanned stealthy gunshield.

When the Gneisenau was badly damaged in 1943, it was planned to use her three newly-constructed 38 cm twin-turrets, plus an additional one originally intended for the Soviet Union, as coastal artillery. These were to be installed at Cap de la Hague and Paimpol in France, but this plan was never implemented. Work on putting two of these turrets at Oxsby in Denmark was well advanced but incomplete by the end of the war. Constructed of loose liner, A tube with four rings shrunk over it for about two-thirds of the length from the breech, a jacket shrunk over about two-thirds of the ring layer and a breech end-piece, breech block supporting piece and a horizontal sliding breech block.

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