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By Clayton K.S. Chun

Они собирались на лёгкую прогулку. Цель - захватить в Сомали полевого командира, лейтенанта Мухаммед фарах Айдид. На над Магадишем вертолёт с группой захвата был сбит и охотники превратились в дичь. Затем был фильм «Падение чёрного ястреба» и неудачники превратились в героев.

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The AC-130s destroyed weapons storage facilities, vehicle concentrations, a “Radio Mogadishu” station (another one of Aideed’s propaganda arms), an armored vehicle compound, and a munitions factory. Using their heavy firepower, the AC-130s created fear among Somalis because of their destructive power, day or night. They had special sensors that allowed them to provide detection and tracking information to give ground commanders precision fire. After the October 3 raid in Mogadishu, Washington sent additional Army and Marine units to Somalia to stabilize the situation.

They did not need another aircraft casualty and more TFR members killed or wounded. Still, many helicopter crews and others felt a rescue was needed fast, especially with the Somali crowd ready to descend on Durant. Master Sergeant Gary I. Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randy D. Shughart, two Delta snipers on Super 62, insisted on helping the Super 64 crew. Knowing that their own rescue would be problematic with an angry crowd surrounding the crash site, Gordon and Shughart pressed for an immediate authorization to help Durant.

This choreographed mission faced some obstacles. Power lines, telephone wires, disabled vehicles, debris, and dust “brownouts” often became hazards during helicopter assaults. The Rangers had to fast-rope about 45ft from the helicopters instead of trying to land, because of the obstructions on the ground. While fast-roping down from a helicopter, Rangers could be enveloped by heavy dust and lose their vision and orientation. The brownout conditions could also interfere with soldiers’ ability to locate individuals shooting at the chalk.

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