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The Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is a few 3,500 years previous and is the longest poem in any language. it truly is one of many founding epics of Indian tradition and, with its mix of cosmic drama and profound philosophy (one small part kinds the BHAGHAVAD GITA) it holds aunique position in global literature. during this vastly shortened prose rendering, Narayan makes use of all his outstanding skills to show to a contemporary reader why this is often any such nice tale.

The gender of the gift: problems with women and problems with society in Melanesia

Within the most unique and bold synthesis but undertaken in Melanesian scholarship, Marilyn Strathern argues that gender kinfolk were a selected casualty of unexamined assumptions held by means of Western anthropologists and feminist students alike. The e-book treats with equivalent seriousness--and with equivalent reliable humor--the insights of Western social technological know-how, feminist politics, and ethnographic reporting, to be able to reconsider the illustration of Melanesian social and cultural lifestyles.

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Instead, Sanskrit was directed “toward articulating a form of political consciousness and culture, politics not as transaction of material power—the power of recording deeds, contracts, tax records, and the like—but as celebration of aesthetic power” (Pollock, 2006: 14). The rules of Sanskrit were fixed in the fifth century BC by Panini, perhaps the world’s greatest grammarian, in his book, Ashtadhyayi, thus making it one of the most precise languages in the world and a powerful vehicle for communicating scientific and philosophical thoughts and ideas.

Germany’s ubiquitous industrial brands and its well-resourced foundations, including the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, add to Germany’s global profile. Among Scandinavian countries, the notion of foreign aid and mediation in conf lict resolution is an important dimension of their soft power: Norway’s contribution—both diplomatic and financial—in attempting to resolve the Sri Lankan civil war is a case in point. The Oslo Accords for resolving the intractable Palestinian question as well as the Nobel Peace Prize has “enabled Norway to construct a powerful instrument of peace advocacy, implicit as well as explicit” (Henrikson, 2005: 80).

It adds: “Our missions abroad, particularly those in the up-and-coming centres of political and economic power which are becoming ever more important in the shaping of global policy, will be systematically involved in communicating Europe” (Federal Foreign Office, 2012: 15). de, the multimedia Internet service in 31 languages, reaching a weekly audience of nearly 86 million around the world. Apart from this, DW also has an important role in training media professionals through its DW Akademie, which trains 3,000 participants every year to “form a global German network” and many “graduates have become decision makers in their homeland, as well as spokespeople for DW,” according to DW.

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