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By Carla Jablonski

Will Prince Dastan cease an evil ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that may break the realm? Or will he be tricked into unleashing the Sands of Time himself and in doing so spoil his own country? It’s as much as YOU, the reader, to take advantage of the Dagger of Time to save lots of the area!

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You gape at him—then you remember your disguise. Clearly it’s working! TURN TO PAGE 64 BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE You do not act too hastily. You need to gather intelligence first. After all, if Nizam isn’t here, you’ll need to find out where he’s gone. You find your way to one of the poorer sections of the city. You know these streets well. You grew up here until King Sharaman brought you into his family. You still spend time here—carousing with friends, taking part in games and sports. Tonight you seek Bis’s family.

Finally his expression changes and you can see it— Tus believes you! At that very moment, Nizam strides into the chamber. ” He notices the Dagger and a glimmer appears in his eye. Moving quickly, he slashes your brother with a sword. ” you cry. Now Nizam comes after you. You spin, but not quickly enough. He slashes your arm and you drop the Dagger. A gigantic Hassansin picks it up and hands the Dagger to Nizam. “Oh, Dastan,” Nizam sneers. ” He strides out of the room. You lunge for him but are stopped with a swift blow from the Hassansin.

You have to save her! ” she screams. You glance back and see that Nizam has made it to the Sandglass. You watch as he plunges the Dagger into it. This can’t happen! You somersault across a widening crack in the ground and land beside Nizam just as he pushes the jewel button. You grab the Dagger, but he clutches your hand as sand begins to flow out of the Sandglass. Time rewinds around you as you struggle to loosen Nizam’s grip. TURN TO PAGE 131 BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE You need to stay focused on your assailant.

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