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By Benedict Sheehy, Jackson Maogoto, Virginia Newell (auth.)

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For example, it fails to make a distinction between different things that could be the matter of concern. For example, it may be certain weapons, people, contracts, entities, or activities that may draw the concern of the public and the eye of regulators. 65 Singer’s interest goes well beyond the corporate form, as he demonstrates in his masterful discussion of PMC activities, contracting arrangements, and oversight and transparency issues. Further, Singer’s classification does not take account of the multiplicity of goods and services that a single corporation may provide.

We customize and execute solutions for our clients to help keep them at the level of readiness required to meet today’s law enforcement, homeland security, and defence challenges. S. S. 7 Military Professional Resources, Inc. ” In other words, UK PMC members of BAPSC are committed to the objectives of respecting human rights and upholding British foreign policy objectives. One cannot help but note the political rhetoric in these mission statements. Phrases like “service to the nation” beg the question: is service to the nation an appropriate corporate mission or is it a necessary hallmark of a PMC?

For example, fifteen thousand security contractors are local Iraqis, mostly hired by Erinys, a British security company charged with guarding oil facilities. ”106 PMCs now support numerous military operations throughout the world and act as crucial components in enhancing 28 Legal Control of the Private Military Corporation the capabilities of countries both in the Third World and in the West. Within the military establishment of countries whether small, medium, or large, thousands of PMC technical experts operate communications systems, maintain military aircraft, fix weapons systems, link troops to command centers, and in several cases train national armies.

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