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The e-book '... might be guaranteed of the eye of the numerous on either side of the Atlantic who're fascinated about this subject.' John Hick

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Logic and the Nature of God

The publication '. .. might be guaranteed of the eye of the numerous on each side of the Atlantic who're fascinated with this topic. ' John Hick

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For purposes of this book, I will accept what might be called the 'traditional analysis' of knowledge, that is, I will say that knowledge is justified true belief. This means that I know a proposition p if and only if I believe p, p is true, and my belief is based on good reasons or adequate evidence. It is notorious that difficulties can be raised about each of the conditions in this traditional scheme, especially the third,[l] but none of them seem relevant to our concerns here. So I will accept the convenient fiction that the traditional analysis is adequate.

1:17) The Bible's witness is that God is not a fickle, capricious god like the gods of the pagans - he can be relied on because he is ever and eternally the same. Not only is there scriptural support for the claim that God is immutable, there are several powerful philosophical arguments in its favour too. Let me now mention four such arguments; later in the chapter I will ask whether they are good arguments. The first is a famous and simple argument from Plato[l]. Reduced to its essentials, it runs like this: (1) God is eternally perfect (2) Any change in a perfect being is a change for the worst (3) Therefore, God does not change Now the 'God' Plato speaks of in his writings is different in several respects from the Christian God; nevertheless, the above argument could easily be used by a Christian to argue that the God of Christianity is immutable.

He must know, for example, that human beings believe that Davis's hair is brown before it is grey and that they believe that Carter was president and that Reagan is now president. This much is clear. But what is quite unclear is how the metaphor of seeing all things at a glance helps us see how God can avoid having these very same beliefs. If he does not have them he is not omniscient because he does not know what events are occuring now (in human time). If he does have them, he changes. Thus we had best see if there is a way other than timelessness to solve the present problem.

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