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By Cyrus Todiwala

To Cyrus Todiwala, Mumbai will constantly be Bombay: the town of his adolescence and the land that cultivated his love of meals. sign up for Cyrus and his spouse Pervin on a bustling jaunt round one of many world's most fun and mysterious towns. alongside how you will pattern pav bhaji - a scrumptious vegetable masala served with fluffy bread rolls - from highway proprietors, a highly spiced squid dynamite, dosas to die for and chapatiis immediately out of his moms kitchen. how to make vintage curries, tender chutneys, tikkas and extra. With recipes incorporating the simplest of Indian food, in addition to attractive hotographs from India, Mr Todiwala's Bombay is the fundamental Indian cookbook.

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While Izhavas strongly resist being labelled as people whose caste-specific nature predisposes them towards alcohol or coconut-related work and whose chief characteristic is drunkenness, negative stereotypes continue to link them to the figure of the toddy-tapper and the distiller. At the same time, making and selling of alcohol can be a profitable economic activity. As a result of reform processes in which Izhava identity as degraded toddy-tapper was erased – consigned to an unreformed past – all that remained was a modernist orientation towards the future, specifically towards broad goals of progress and mobility, to be achieved through reformed and rationalised social practices and capital accumulation.

S. S. S. O. S. S. O. To Devikulangara Ayyappan temple To Krisnakara 0 km 1 1. SASTHAMURI 3. KAPPA PARAMBIL Map 4. Valiyagramam showing fieldwork areas, roads and landmarks 22 Social Mobility in Kerala During our residencies, we worked and socialised with families from all communities and undertook intensive fieldwork involving closer interaction and basic house-to-house surveys in three areas (see Map 4). Sasthamuri, where we lived from 1989 to 1991, is a highly differentiated area of 176 households near to the main road, a major temple and the main market: it is populated by Izhavas, Christians and Nayars, some of whom live in large two-storeyed mansions and some in thatched huts.

IZHAVAS, OTHERS AND US We first went to Kerala – newly-married – in 1989, for doctoral fieldwork. We planned to stay in a rural area and not to over-specialise, hoping to mix with everybody and try to understand as much as possible in general about the place we were staying, learning Malayalam and pursuing the ‘classic ideal’ of anthropological fieldwork. After six months in the state capital following a taught Malayalam course,11 we moved into Valiyagramam, a zone chosen after preliminary library research and advice from academic contacts12 as an area which was multi-community and involved in paddy agriculture.

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