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Initially published in 1996, Netcat is a netowrking software designed to learn and write facts throughout either Transmission keep an eye on Protocol TCP and consumer Datagram Protocol (UDP) connections utilizing the TCP/Internet Protocol (IP) protocol suite. Netcat is usually known as a "Swiss military knife" software, and for stable cause. like the multi-function usefullness of the venerable Swiss military pocket knife, Netcat's performance is useful as either a standalone application and a backe-end instrument in a variety of functions. a few of the many makes use of of Netcat contain port scanning, shifting records, grabbing banners, port listening and redirection, and extra nefariously, a backdoor. this can be the single booklet devoted to complete assurance of the tool's many positive aspects, and by means of the top of this ebook, you will discover how Netcat will be some of the most worthwhile instruments on your arsenal.

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Netcat Power Tools

Initially published in 1996, Netcat is a netowrking application designed to learn and write information throughout either Transmission keep an eye on Protocol TCP and person Datagram Protocol (UDP) connections utilizing the TCP/Internet Protocol (IP) protocol suite. Netcat is usually often called a "Swiss military knife" software, and for reliable cause.

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For penetration testers, Netcat allows enumeration through port scanning and banner grabbing. ˛ Netcat can be used for port and traffic redirection, which can obscure the source of an attack. com 28 Chapter 1 • Introduction to Netcat Frequently Asked Questions Q: I haven’t even downloaded Netcat yet, but my anti-virus found Netcat as a trojan! What should I do? A: If you have never downloaded or installed Netcat, you may well have an issue. exe was configured for port 99). Q: My anti-virus program won’t let me download /install/ using Netcat.

There is an obvious limitation to this relay. The piped data is a one-way connection. Therefore, the source computer has no way of receiving any response from the target computer. ). For more detailed information on traffic redirection, see Chapter 5, The Dark Side of Netcat, and Chapter 7, Controlling Traffic with Netcat. com Introduction to Netcat • Chapter 1 25 Other Uses This section covered basic operations of Netcat, but the only limit to Netcat’s operations is your imagination. Other potential, more advanced operations for Netcat include: ■ Vulnerability scanning (see Chapter 2, Netcat and Network Penetration Testing, and Chapter 3, Netcat and Application Penetration Testing) ■ General network troubleshooting (see Chapter 8, Troubleshooting with Netcat) ■ Network and device auditing (see Chapter 9, Auditing with Netcat) ■ Backing up files, directories, and even drives The remainder of this book is dedicated to these and many other uses of Netcat.

Q: Where can I find more information about Netcat? A: First, refer to the remaining chapters in this book. The contributing authors are extremely knowledgeable, and experts in their fields. Second, Google it. There is a wide range of Netcat documents and tutorials on the Internet. Third, find a forum somewhere and post a question. There are a lot of people out there willing to help, if you know how to ask! com This page intentionally left blank Chapter 2 Netcat Penetration Testing Features Solutions in this chapter: ■ Port Scanning and Service Identification ■ Egress Firewall Testing ■ Avoiding Detection ■ Creating a Backdoor using Netcat on a Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server ˛ Summary ˛ Solutions Fast Track ˛ Frequently Asked Questions 31 32 Chapter 2 • Netcat Penetration Testing Features Introduction Netcat is a robust Transmission Control Protocol (TCP/Internet Protocol (IP) utility that can handle a multitude of system- and network-related functions.

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