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By Margaret Paxton (auth.), Peter Gouzouasis (eds.)

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I also should practice the words that is difficult to say. I think I need to make more eye contact to the person I read to. What I think I need to approve on is reading a bit slower and finishing the last words to a line instead of mumbling the last few and skipping to the next line. I also should thing about making my voise change for every character and each character will have its own voise so it will be like a movie but other then that I don’t think I need to improve on anything els other then getting a few words mixed up so mabey I should practice those.

Sharing stories aloud helped me to both activate my students’ imaginations, provide topics for class discussions, and model what good readers do: visualize, predict, ask questions, draw inferences, and so on. I have found that stories are the best means by which to gather and hold their collective attention, even if it a simple anecdote about me and my daughter getting ready for school. We shared stories constantly, throughout the day. ” In science class, I told the story of Galileo, who was persecuted for his new scientific theories.

Today it was a very easy day for all the big kids because there wasn’t a lot of little kids. So that meant we had to have smaller groups. I only had two little kids in my group and they were every good. ” It was an every good book we took turns reading. At the end we had to say a summary in are own words. They did a very good job about that. I think both of them need to read louder. When Mrs. O came and read they got more excited about the book. I’m very excited about the Christmas party next week.

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