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By Davey Shafik, Lorna Mitchell, Matthew Turland

PHP Master is tailored for the personal home page developer who's enthusiastic about taking their server-side functions to the subsequent point and who desires to particularly continue prior to the sport via adhering to most sensible perform, utilising the simplest object-oriented programming recommendations, wrapping tasks in layers of protection and making sure their code is doing its activity perfectly.

• Create expert, dynamic purposes in line with an object-oriented programming blueprint
• study complex functionality overview options for max web site efficiency
• Brush up at the most sensible trying out the way to refine your code and preserve your purposes watertight
• safeguard your web site opposed to assaults and vulnerabilities with the most recent safeguard systems
• Plug in to a few severe performance with PHP's APIs and libraries

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Public This is the default behavior if you see code that omits this access modifier. It’s good practice, though, to include the public keyword, even though the behavior is the same without it. As well as there being no guarantees the default won’t change in Object Oriented Programming the future, it shows that the developer made a conscious choice to expose this method or property. private Making a method or property private means that it will only be visible from inside the class in which it’s declared.

The first catch block specifically catches the HeavyParcelException; any other kind of exception is then caught by the more general second catch block. If we’d caught the Exception first, all exceptions would end up being caught here, so make sure that the catch blocks have the most specific type of exception first. What’s actually happening here is that the catch block is using typehinting to distinguish if an object is of an acceptable type. So all we learned earlier about typehinting and polymorphism applies here; a HeavyParcelException is also an Exception.

To extend an exception, we simply use object inheritance: class HeavyParcelException extends Exception {} We can set any properties or add any methods we desire to this Exception class. It’s not uncommon to have defined but empty classes, simply to give a more specific type of exception, as well as allow us to tell which part of our application encountered a problem without trying to programmatically read the error message. Object Oriented Programming Autoloading Exceptions Earlier, we covered autoloading, defining rules for where to find classes whose definition hasn’t already been included in the code executed in this script.

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