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What happens if you attempt to write to a property that exposes only a get accessor? 10-38 Programming in C# with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 Lesson 2 Creating and Using Indexers A property typically provides access to a single item in a type. However, some types are inherently multivalued, such as an array or a collection. Similarly, an item may contain subelements that you want to provide easy access to. For example, you can think of a string as a set of characters, and you may need to provide access to the individual characters in a string field through a property.

Add code to create a new instance of the ControlRegister class called register. 5. Add code to set the RegisterData property of the register object to 8. 6. Add the following code, which writes the current value for the RegisterData property and uses the indexer to write the first eight bits of the ControlRegister object to the console. Note: A code snippet is available, called Mod10WriteRegisterData, that you can use to add this code. WriteLine(); 7. Add a statement to write the message "Set Bit 1 to 1" to the console.

Open the CreatingAndUsingAnIndexerDemo solution in the E:\Demofiles\Mod10\Demo2\Starter \CreatingAndUsingAnIndexerDemo folder. 3. cs file, and then review the EmployeeDatabase class. Notice that the class stores an array of Employee objects. Encapsulating Data and Defining Overloaded Operators 10-49 Notice the AddToDatabase method, and then explain how it adds Employee objects to the array and increments a pointer to the top of the array. 4. Uncomment the indexer that returns an Employee object.

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