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Still, you know only a little about Musashi. Perhaps it would be better to jump back to the capitol city of Edo and try to learn more about him? Jump back 29 years to the Zen Temple at Hozoin, 1605. Click here. Jump back 19 years to Edo. Click here. 50 Y ou are sure which side in the battle you will take—the guard said that Kensei was leading the attack. Kensei means “Sword Saint,” the honorary name sometimes used for Musashi! As you join Musashi’s men, you see a young man holding a long silk banner trip and fall.

Just then, a man comes into the dojo. He is short but muscular. The teacher stops talking. “Ah, here is Iori, who will now teach the advanced students the technique of the Eight Walls. ” The students next to you stand up, and, after a second to work the cramps out of your legs, you do, too. They walk outside, and you follow them. “This is very interesting,” you say. ” 49 One of them laughs. “Oh, not for months. ” Months? That’s a long time. You’ve found out something about Musashi and his way of thinking, but you don’t know if you have months to wait around.

He’ll be on you before you can hide! Jump! Click here. 44 Y ou back up, holding the staff in front of you. You realize that running away will bring you great dishonor. You won’t impress Musashi that way. Honor is more important than life itself to a samurai. You’ll have to fight, even if it means getting thumped on the head! The man twirls his staff and laughs, leaping toward you. You stumble backward, trying to think of a way to save yourself. A desperate idea pops into your head. You look around.

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