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By David Christopher Lane

Own tale of assembly numerous specialists in India, comprises descriptions of Charan Singh, Faqir Chand, Acharya Sushi Kumar, and different saints and masters.

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Others were people I already knew. I would work for them in the subtle way, and then watch for signs and demonstrations in their outward lives of the reality of that manifestation. I tested everything in this manner. (Bubba (Da) Free John, The Enlightenment Of The Whole Body, Clearlake: Dawn Horse Press, 1978, page 38). Please see NOTE regarding Da Free John below. Charan Singh, the late head of the Radhasoami Satsang at Beas, for instance, chose disciples for initiation by simply looking at them.

Now, as the Supreme Lord has all power, so do the Perfect Masters. He can do as He pleases, and anywhere and always, so that He may better work with, protect, and instruct and guide His disciples. Every time He gives the initiation to anyone, He creates an Astral Image of Himself in the disciple. And from then on, the Master never leaves the disciple. The Double, or Other Self, or Image of the Master is sometimes what we call the Inner Master. Now, if anything occurs in the life of the disciple that requires the personal attention of the Master, here (in India) in the Body--this Inner Master at once reports to the Conscious Master (in India) and the Conscious Master gives the thing his personal attention.

About this time, one of Pratap Singh's disciples brought us chai 46 The Enchanted Land (tea) and apples. As we ate, Pratap Singh kept teasing his disciple in a playful way. Though I couldn't understand what exactly Pratap Singh was saying in Punjabi, it was obvious that both of them were having a good time. Pratap Singh's laughter was contagious and I found myself laughing out loud, despite the fact that I had no clue about what was so funny. Indeed, it was Pratap Singh's sense of humor that I found so appealing.

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