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By Galen W. Ewing, Harry A. Ashworth (auth.)

One of the main common services of any clinical or engineer­ ing laboratory is the collection of information to supply solutions to rapid questions or details to be filed for destiny refer­ ence. Such info accumulating can be accomplished in a variety of methods, reckoning on the character and volume of the data. the main common of such facts collecting tools is unquestionably analog recording. electric analog recorders come in quite a few sizes, speeds, sensitivities, and costs. they're appropriate for recording any sign that's in, or could be switched over to, electric shape. those recorders are present in each smooth laboratory. with out them the significance of many sensible relatives will be overlooked altogether. How may possibly one correctly diagnose a middle sickness with out a cardiographic recorder, or receive infrared or magnetic resonance spectra on any potential foundation and not using a strip-chart recorder? actual, quite a few curves which are now traced instantly with a recorder could be plotted manually from point-by-point degree­ ments. This approach, despite the fact that, isn't just time-consuming, yet could cause legitimate bits of knowledge to be missed solely, just because the issues have been taken too a ways aside. one other issue favoring using recorders is the power to pinpoint defective operation of the data-gathering process. Artifacts that may now not be observable in any respect in point-by-point observations 1 The Laboratory Recorder 2 will frequently be without difficulty identifiable on a recording. Asymmetry of a peaked curve, for instance, is barely dearly obtrusive in a recording.

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The Laboratory Recorder

Probably the most common services of any clinical or engineer­ ing laboratory is the collection of knowledge to supply solutions to speedy questions or details to be filed for destiny refer­ ence. Such facts collecting can be accomplished in a number of methods, counting on the character and volume of the knowledge.

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Signals up to 250 Hz can be accommodated. Honeywell offers an instrument (Model 1806 Visicorder; Figure 5-8) that is a high-intensity cathode-ray oscilloscope with provision for convenient manipulation of recording paper over a special high-efficiency fiber-optic face plate. By this means any trace or combination of traces that can be observed on the oscilloscope can be directly recorded on paper. In addition, provision is made for continuous movement of paper from a roll, up to 250 cm/sec, to permit recording of time-variant signals.

If the motor tends to turn counterclockwise, tension is increased in R 1 and R 4 , which increases their resistance, and diminished in R2 and R 3 , which decrease in resistance. The unbalance voltage at the bridge diagonals is thus determined in magnitude and sign by the rotation of the motor, and this feedback voltage is continuously compared with the signal, as usual. This device is said to have a far longer life expectancy than the conventional slidewire. Its accuracy is about the same. Several companies offer servo recorders wired as selfbalancing Wheatstone bridges.

I' - . t\/l. \,I . -------- • . ;.. _ · . . ';' .. ' w ). -.... - . - -. Cb) Figure 4-1. X-r recorders. Pen moves along Y-axis arm , while the arm is displaced along the X axis. (a) Hewlett-Packard Inc. (b) Varian Associates, X-Y Recorders Figure 4-2. The pen carriage rides on the intersection of the two moving arms parallel to the X and Y axes . ) 39 40 The Laboratory Recorder which the paper can be driven either forward or backward beneath the pen by a second servo system replacing the constantspeed paper drive.

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