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One needs to be in a position to say normally - in­ stead of issues, directly strains, and planes - tables, chairs and beer mugs. (David Hilbert) One carrier arithmetic has rendered the human race. It has positioned good judgment again the place it belongs, at the topmost shelf subsequent to the dusty canister labelled "discarded nonsense. " (Eric T. Bell) This publication discusses reasoning with partial details. We examine the facts thought, the version thought and a few functions of reasoning with par­ tial details. we've as a objective a normal conception for combining, in a principled manner, good judgment formulae expressing partial details, and a logical instrument for selecting between them for software and implementation reasons. We additionally want to have a version conception for reasoning with partial infor­ mation that may be a basic generalization of the standard Tarskian semantics for classical good judgment. We express the necessity to transcend the view of good judgment as a geometry of static truths, and to determine common sense, either on the proof-theoretic and on the model-theoretic point, as a dynamics of techniques. We see the dynamics of common sense procedures endure with classical common sense, a similar relation because the one current among classical mechanics and Euclidean geometry.

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1 o : 3jEJ j~x} If J = {j} is a singleton, then (1 J) = (1 j) is called the principal upperset generated by j. :10 will be considered in a wider perspective in Sect. 1. Abbreviations. p) = O. p) = 1. p) = I}. 3 Truth Versus Potential Truth in Partial Propositional Logic. Let i be a valuation, let cp be some propositional formula. One defines in partial propositional logic two notions of truth: • truth i F cp, which corresponds to the classical notion of truth under some interpretation, • potential truth i IF cp, which corresponds to the fact that cp is true or undefined under interpretation i.

Definition: Extension (or information) ordering on valuations. We say that valuation v is less defined than valuation VI (or that Vi extends v) and we write v ~ Vi, if and only if partial function Vi extends partial function v. 6 Definition: Partial order. e. e. e. "Ix,y E X xRy and yRx imply x = y. Let X be a partially ordered set. The least upper bound of some subset S ~ X will be denoted by uS. Two elements x and y of X are compatible, and this is denoted by xl y, if and only if 3z E X such that x ~ z and y ~ z.

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