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By Phyllis Greenacre

This selection of papers makes a speciality of the interplay of maturation stages and unique traumas within the first few years of existence and the possible impact of those early styles at the constitution of the later character.

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Trauma, Growth and Personality

This selection of papers makes a speciality of the interplay of maturation levels and precise traumas within the first few years of existence and the possible impact of those early styles at the constitution of the later character.

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What does the process of birth do in furnishing a bridge from the one to the other? Is birth a chiasma, or is it a hiatus—a kind of blackout, very closely resembling death? How much of its appearance as THE BIOLOGICAL ECONOMY OF BIRTH 21 a hiatus is due fundamentally to the scotoma even of the scientist? The process of human birth actually does combine some of these opposites: it probably does involve something of a blackout, an apparent almost complete interruption in the life of the organism, but one through which a new arrangement of organismic energy is effected.

M . Chad wick (42) has also made some valuable suggestions regarding the connections between birth experience and forms of headache but has not presented much clinical material. I t is a subject that requires a detailed presentation in order to be in the least convincing, and one that I hope to develop in a more careful study* Another special problem is suggested by Bak (43) who emphasizes the disturbed thermal orientation of the schizo­ phrenic and relates this possibly to the thermal experiences, the too sudden cooling or near 'freezing' of the baby immediately after delivery.

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