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By Hans-Johann Glock

Analytic philosophy is approximately 100 years previous, and it's now the dominant strength inside of Western philosophy. curiosity in its historic improvement is expanding, yet there has hitherto been no sustained try and elucidate what it presently quantities to, and the way it differs from so-called 'continental' philosophy. during this wealthy and wide-ranging booklet, Hans Johann Glock argues that analytic philosophy is a free move held jointly either by means of ties of impression and through numerous 'family resemblances'. He considers the professionals and cons of assorted definitions of analytic philosophy, and tackles the methodological, historiographical and philosophical concerns raised through such definitions. eventually, he explores the broader highbrow and cultural implications of the infamous divide among analytic and continental philosophy. His publication is a useful advisor for an individual looking to comprehend analytic philosophy and the way it's practised.

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Indeed, there has been a recent turn towards history. Furthermore, I shall defend analytic philosophy against historicist animadversions that so far have gone unchallenged. Against the objection that analytic philosophers ignore the past, I argue that for the most part they only resist the unfounded claim that an understanding of history is essential rather than merely advantageous to philosophy. Against the objection that analytic histories of philosophy are anachronistic, I argue that approaching the past in an analytic spirit actually makes for better historiography.

By contrast, the predicate of a synthetic judgement like (3) All bodies are heavy adds something to the subject-concept rather than merely spelling out what is already implicit in it. The analytic/synthetic distinction is connected to that between a posteriori knowledge, which is based on experience – whether observation or experiment – and a priori knowledge. Unlike the innate ideas postulated by the rationalists and repudiated by the empiricists, a priori judgements are independent of experience not as regards their origin, but as regards their validity.

The rejection of metaphysics was never universal 18 Introduction among analytic philosophers and has vanished almost completely. Dummett defines analytic philosophy as based on the view that an analysis of thought can and must be given by an analysis of language. But a linguistic conception of thought and its analysis is neither necessary nor sufficient for being an analytic philosopher. Dummett’s definition ignores the difference between the rise of logical and conceptual analysis on the one hand, and the linguistic turn on the other.

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